Maeb Brimstone (Se’er & Keg)

Maeb Brimstone copy



Maeb is a young, modest, lively, and joyful hostess that lives at the Oakar Tavern.  She always goes out of her way to ensure the people that come there feel welcome and know that their spirits are the best in town. Maeb also administers the day to day business funds with her father’s tight eyes for what is spent where. Even though the old dwarf can be a bit difficult on both Maeb and Alex, she understands that it is his way of showing them that he loves them both equally. Maeb’s girlish looks hide her one of her strongest attributes, her mind. She is also very skilled at reading the type of personalities that walk into the tavern. Maeb is the glue that holds the Oakar Tavern together and keeps people coming back.

Race: Human
Class: N/A
Abilities: N/A
Physical Traits:
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eye color: Green or Hazel
Hair: Short red
Skin color and type: Tan
Weapons: N/A


Darkworld Birthright V3

I am working on a few sketches for book covers and some random artwork for characters I have created.  With four more coming up early 2019 (White Rhino Corps), I hope to get (Se’er and Keg) outlined by mid-2019.  Female Justice is getting pushed back to 2019 also with an early book release I hope.

Here’s to looking forward to a new year!


Mack copy


A smart and powerful warrior, Mack once saw Garum as his best friend. Two young warriors that worked together on the field of war. After an incident that took the life of Mack, Garum mourned for his fallen warrior friend.

Mack’s father, counselor Mobus could not overcome the sadness that swept through him after the loss of his only offspring. In this time of mourning, Mobus in his madness used dark magic to resurrect his dead son. The dark magic created a creature infused with the armaments he carried creating a robotic being. Mack now walks amongst the living as a living weapon controlled by his father. With this, Mobus went on the hunt for the one that he felt caused his son’s death, Garum.

The once warm and outgoing friend to Garum has now become a creature of destruction. Now cursed with a dark green metallic armor that keeps what was left of his body in a robotic shell, the man that was once Mack seems to have vanished into the darkness. He has now been given a new task, a new war to fight. One that his father Mobus has programmed into him. Servitude and vengeance. To hunt down and destroy the one that caused his death long ago. The one he knew as Garum and make him pay for what he has done.

Race: Stone-Elf
Class: Weapons Specialist
Abilities: Endurance, Intimidate
Physical Traits:
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eye color: N/A
Hair: N/A
Skin color and type: N/A
Weapons: Laser cannon, sniper cannon, mini laser rapid-fire cannon

Keg sketch

Keg’s sketch is coming along pretty good.  I figure a few more days of work, the late night also, I can get this one completed.  I have never really been good at hair, (ironic) but this particular sketch is not bad.  I have to add his blades and backpack later.  The background is going to be the biggie to do.  Loving this tablet though, very responsive with plenty of space.

Keg 3

New Character sketch

Started on Keg’s profile sketch this weekend.  Trying to get a better feel for what his clothing will be like. The outer covering of his jacket is giving me the most issue.  It needs to fit the timeline and locale.  The underlining can be a bit less intrusive to the wrist guards.  I will have to view them on and off to verify first.



Keg (The Tales of Se’er and Keg)

Keg Watermark


Keg is a young half-elf who along with knowledge of the mystic arts, is also a werewolf or Lycanthrope. This alone is extremely rare. Werewolves or Lycanthropy is thought to be a disease that is spread through being wounded by another lycanthrope. Keg has never succumbed to the blood-lust, and even as a child did not feel the need to prey on the weak. Not much is known about his parents. He was left as a sacrifice to the Yokai. A forbidden ritual that ended up in his favor as the Yokai usually try to bond with the offering before devouring their prey. After bonding with Se’er, the two of them travel the countryside in search of new adventures.

Se’er designates Keg as her apprentice. But not a good one she is quick to point out. His free-flowing personality along with the arrogant confidence he usually displays tends to get him into trouble. Yet he is a sound combatant with the pair of Wolves’ Bane Blades given to him by Val, the wolf hunter. These cursed blades are infused with the pollen of wolves’ bane and born of elven silver. For not being trained, he wields the dual blades like no one she has seen before. Keg tends to be a complex person to understand due to his only interactions with Se’er and his distant feelings toward others.

Race: Half-Elf
Class: Mage/Rogue
Abilities: Acrobatics, Heal, Stealth, Streetwise
Physical Traits:
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye color: Light Gray
Hair: silver/short
Skin color and type: pale/slim build
Weapons: Dual Wolves’ Bane Blades

Komet (Female Justice)

Coming Soon


Tough as nails, but very disciplined in her craft, Yvette has been trying to allow a sort of variation in the life she leads. Yvette is the type of woman that says what is on her mind and is very assertive. She also hides the more sensitive side of her deep within due to an incident that resulted in an accidental death long ago. Yvette and Hollie have been friends for some time. And Hollie has been able to chip away at some of those emotional walls that Yvette has built up over time. Telling her to smile more and not to be fearful of trying something out of her comfort zone.

The exact origins of her abilities are unknown even by her. There has been a considerable part of her life that she cannot recollect. This has made for many tales of what could have happened to her. But what Hollie was able to identify was that her cells had been altered on a microscopic level. Her abilities seem to derive from the cosmic characteristics of comets.

Komet’s energy blasts are composed of pure cosmic energy. Energy she has flowing throughout her body. She is skilled in unarmed combat and uses it to subdue foes. Komet’s abilities include uncanny speed, strength, and the ability of flight.

Race: Human
Class: Monk
Abilities: Endurance, Bluff
Physical Traits:
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eye color: Gray
Hair: Short/Silver
Skin color and type: Fair
Weapons: N/A


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