The Chronos Star System

The first-star system in the Darkworld Universe that a few of our friends will mainly travel through.  This will be the starting point for the Vollaria and crew as they hyper jump through this system running into friends and foe alike.


Oakar’s Battle Axe

Worked on a few things last night for the character, Oakar from Darkworld: Se’er and Keg, a work in progress.  Mainly beefing up his backstory and creating a 3D low poly draft of his battle axe.  Made of thick dark wood and rings of silver.  Made of dwarven metal, and crafted by the Unknown Blacksmith, Oakar keeps his weapon of choice in his hanging in his Tavern as a warm reminder of his past days of adventuring.

Screen Shot 03-28-17 at 08.35 PM

Return of the Lich Cover Art

With the last of the short stories coming to a close, I have had a bit of time to work on the cover art.  This cover will be minimal yet bold, at least that is the look I hope to achieve.  With a white tone for the background, and the crown, the blood will be the only thing with color.  I find this extremely challenging due to I have never created blood or this type of image before.

Screen Shot 08-28-16 at 09.01 AM

Being that this will be low poly, not sure if I should add texture to the surface of the crown.  But I probably will do both images just in case.  Blood should run from underneath this lower area and will be the only colored item in the scene.  Can’t wait to get the render from the first run!


White Rhino Corps W.I.P.

Working on the new icon for a new series I am constructing.  It won’t be ready until the end of 2015, but character design is just about complete.  I will be posting information about these guys monthly!

White Rhino Corps Icon

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