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Unya the Bard (Se’er & Keg)

Unya the Bard


Unya is a humble young bard who is mute. She contradicts the class listing of Bard by not speaking or being a master of storytelling. She primarily uses her natural abilities in healing by using charms as well as a handful of other useful spells. By not speaking enables her to interpret the true essence of those around her. Unya has observed a lot in her travels, discovering the magic that is hidden in the music that she plays. Using her natural ability to learn from interaction, she writes the incredible and engaging tales for Wilhelm to tell those who would listen.

Unya is very gifted in playing her wood carved flute, using its peaceful, soft sound to produce melodies that tend to soothe those in need. She and Wilhelm wander up and down the coast, looking for adventure and finding new tales to tell. Unya is the only survivor of her clan. Being an orphan, Wilhelm sees her as a true compatriot, as long as she can keep their pockets fat with Kryz, of course. The two of them are regularly a welcomed sight to any village pub.

Race: Elf
Class: Bard (3rd Level)
Abilities: Nature, Perception
Physical Traits:
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 156 lbs.
Eye color: Purple
Hair: Dark Brown w/streaks
Skin color and type: Cream
Weapons: Small Dagger


Artwork by Bev Johnson


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