Dwarf Pick-Ax Model

I started work on a dwarf’s pick-ax this week.  This model has a modest background with a new dwarf character.  This handle is just about complete.  The sharpened ends should be just about done.  The head represents a king-like figure or the forge master who created it.

Marina’s Bronze Sword

Local Inn keeper and information sleuth Marina keeps this bronze sword above her doorway.  Which she claims was taken by her after a day-long battle with a dragon.  Most take it as hearsay, but would you dare question her?

Work in progress.

Screen Shot 10-22-17 at 06.22 PM

Garum’s Pulse Rifel

At 90% complete, this project is coming to an end.  I will not be adding any materials to this group of weapons yet.  I really need to concentrate on getting the weapon designs done first, along with other tools and interior designs.  I will probably do a quick sketch for his backpack this week.


Lodom the Dragon

I have started work on the mini dragon in Darkworld that is Magma’s sidekick.  Now to get this mess over to someone that knows what they are doing!!



Character Changes

There have been a few changes in the last few days to my schedule.  Mainly due to character development.  The largest change has been to the few androids that inhabit the ship, Vollaria.

The small worker droids form and function have not changed much.  They will still move about the ship on their own while making repairs and changing damaged parts.

I have also been slowly developing the villain for Darkworld: White Rhino Corps.  I am really hoping to get some sketches done in the next few months of the characters and their weapons.

Darkworld: Se’er and Keg is also in the developmental stages.  Their character umbrella is a little bigger due to it covers one planet, many locations.

More sketches and 3-D artwork to come soon!


New Designs

As of this week, the new page design process has started!  There will be some tweaks here and there, but this brighter design is a much needed change.  I hope to be adding some new drawings for Darkworld: Wrath of the Lich and Darkworld: Rhino Corps in the very near future!  I believe the character design for the Rhino Corps will look pretty damn good with the textures and colors that will be used to create their outfits and weapons.  The process for designing spaceships however has been a daunting one.  Yet I feel with a bit more time, it will all come together!

I do plan on doing a physical print release of one of the Short Stories as a test next month.  Getting the test covers designed, picking the colors, and choosing a vendor should be fun.  I will post the test designs and possibly have a quick vote on which is the best!  Let the people choose!

Again, I hope to have some kick ass drawings up within a week or so.  My artist is now working full time so it may take a bit longer than usual.

Here is to a productive Spring!!


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