Scheag, the Dark One


Scheag W watermark


This sly devious creature is the Lich loyal servant.  Scheag performs all of his sinister work from within the depths of the shadows, keeping away from prying eyes that may reveal him.  He maintains the mission objectives that are given to him by secretly collecting information, relaying enemy locations, and sabotaging any persons or items that hinder his goal.  A dark leery creature at heart, Scheag cowardly ways are evident in his attacks.  Never one to attack with frontal aggression, he will typically strike from behind while remaining hidden from view within the shadows.  Has the abilities to morph into a dark cloud enabling him to become intangible to escape harm.  If spotted, Scheag will do what he must in order to retreat into the darkness.


Race: Goblin

Class: Thief

Abilities: Stealth, Thievery

Physical Traits:

Height: 4’0

Weight: 113 .LBS

Eye color: Yellow

Hair: Dark

Skin color and Type: Purple, Rough

Weapons: Waved Poisoned Dagger

Zen’fril’s Frost Bow

Work on the frost bow that Zen’fril will carry as his secondary weapon has started.  The other new character weapons that will make up this group of the White Rhino Corps are under construction, so to speak.  More to come…


Dwarf Pick-Ax Model

I started work on a dwarf’s pick-ax this week.  This model has a modest background with a new dwarf character.  This handle is just about complete.  The sharpened ends should be just about done.  The head represents a king-like figure or the forge master who created it.

Marina’s Bronze Sword

Local Inn keeper and information sleuth Marina keeps this bronze sword above her doorway.  Which she claims was taken by her after a day-long battle with a dragon.  Most take it as hearsay, but would you dare question her?

Work in progress.

Screen Shot 10-22-17 at 06.22 PM

Garum’s Pulse Rifel

At 90% complete, this project is coming to an end.  I will not be adding any materials to this group of weapons yet.  I really need to concentrate on getting the weapon designs done first, along with other tools and interior designs.  I will probably do a quick sketch for his backpack this week.



Magma Icon


The son of Garum has lived a turbulent life in the few years since his birth.  With him and his father on the run from Mobus, Magma has never had a home, until now.  Quick to act and full of unique energy Draun says Magma is always a bright ray of enthusiasm.  His ability to move earth has prompted Garum to label him as an “Elemental Sage” Magma has never been trained in controlling this ability, so it reasons that his true power may be untapped.  He is a curious child, always asking questions, sometimes to an annoying degree.  With Lodom his best friend by his side, he has learned from his father that sometimes it is better to help those that are suffering than to just stand by and do nothing.

Race: Stone-Elf

Class: Monk

Abilities: Endurance, Bluff

Physical Traits:

Height: 4′ 3″

Weight: Unknown

Eye color: Yellow (Phase Blue when using abilities)

Hair: Dark Brown (short)

Skin color and type: Granite Gray

Weapons: N/A

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