Komet (Female Justice)

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Tough as nails, but very disciplined in her craft, Yvette has been trying to allow a sort of variation in the life she leads. Yvette is the type of woman that says what is on her mind and is very assertive. She also hides the more sensitive side of her deep within due to an incident that resulted in an accidental death long ago. Yvette and Hollie have been friends for some time. And Hollie has been able to chip away at some of those emotional walls that Yvette has built up over time. Telling her to smile more and not to be fearful of trying something out of her comfort zone.

The exact origins of her abilities are unknown even by her. There has been a considerable part of her life that she cannot recollect. This has made for many tales of what could have happened to her. But what Hollie was able to identify was that her cells had been altered on a microscopic level. Her abilities seem to derive from the cosmic characteristics of comets.

Komet’s energy blasts are composed of pure cosmic energy. Energy she has flowing throughout her body. She is skilled in unarmed combat and uses it to subdue foes. Komet’s abilities include uncanny speed, strength, and the ability of flight.

Race: Human
Class: Monk
Abilities: Endurance, Bluff
Physical Traits:
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eye color: Gray
Hair: Short/Silver
Skin color and type: Fair
Weapons: N/A


Krimson (Female Justice)


Krimson Watermark


Hollie Freeman has a high spirited and strong personality. She works her way through life on the bold notion that science is always the best way to solve a mystery. She was adopted by a scientist, Raymond Shepherd. Who took her into his life and raised the young child around scientific surroundings. So at a young age, she too took on the mantle “The Little Scientist” as she never left his side. This made the laboratory her second home.

In a strange turn of events, unknowingly Hollie had been contaminated by the nuclear splicing project called “Nomad” that Raymond and some other scientists were working on. She became immune to its effects. Or so they thought. Something in her makeup allowed her to the ability to absorb and manipulate nuclear energies at an astounding level. Soon, not only was able to absorb these energies, she was then able to release them from her hands at deadly levels. Dr. Raymond knew this would be dangerous for her and others around them and crafted two gold bracelets that would enable better control of the fusion coming from her body. Along with this ability, she also gained incredible strength and the technique to shift the air molecules around her giving her flight.

Once Hollie had grown older, she took on the persona of Krimson. Part of a powerful group of females known to assist the local authorities in solving crimes and protecting the town from threats large and small.

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Abilities: Endurance, Bluff
Physical Traits:
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 135lbs.
Eye color: Green *Dark Brown when in Krimson form*
Hair: Blonde *Dark Brown when in Krimson form*
Skin color and type: Fair
Weapons: N/A

Prism (Female Justice)


Prism-Color copy

Mai Kiyoko has is rambunctious, quick-tempered, and has a very vocal personality. Which can sometimes come over as being a brat. Yet her heart is always in the right place. She places her beliefs on family and friends alike. Making friends and helping others is her chief lifestyle. Mai spends most of her time trying to introduce Yvette to different cuisines of her homeland. While also being a pain in the process.

Mai has been trained in several ancient styles of unarmed combat. Her abilities with weapon-based combat are unparalleled. Yet, Prism does not use these deadly abilities to kill. In her eyes, all life is precious. But living in the shadow of her family, this is seen as a weakness and causes family conflict between them. The blessing of Hachiman-shin, the god of war and protector of the Japanese people has blessed Mai with the ability to change her body into an unbreakable crystalline material. Crystallizing her body at will and able launch crystalline projectiles at her enemies. Creating solid weapons by just a thought, her other abilities include strength and the ability of flight or levitation.

Race: Human
Class: N/A
Abilities: Endurance, Bluff
Physical Traits:
Height: 5 ‘6″
Weight: 145
Eye color: Hazel
Hair: Short/Dark Brown
Skin color and type: Light
Weapons: Creates different types all Japan weapon based. Katana, Gunsen (Fans), Kama (Sickle), Manriki-Kusari (Ten-Thousand Power Chain), Fukiya (Blow Dark), Shuriken (Throwing Stars), Kunai (Dagger)* along with the Bo or long staff are her favorites.

Shun the cheetah thief

Another new character sketch is back in the fold!  Shun is a thief who happens to be the best friend of Misery.  I need to get her bio drawn up shortly so that she can be added officially to the growning roster.  I hope to get her drawn up by the people way better than me soon!  More sketches to come.  Next week will be Villian Week were the goal is to get as many of the Villians of Darkworld sketched up and ready for prime-time!


Hunter Gevs

Hunter Gevs watermark

The Vinabites are a race of space travelers known for their fierceness in battle and unrivaled tactics during combat. There is not much information on record about the Vinabites, other than they can sweep through planetary systems conquering all life they deem worthy.  There are to be several classes of Vinabites.

The High-Bite, a sorcerer cloaked in druid robes. Powerful delivery of spells that are heightened by the mystical jewel that floats beside them.

The deadly Hunter Gevs, the largest of the warriors. These lanky large beasts are usually sent on special missions with orders to leave no survivors. Mobile and uncanny strength, the Hunter Gevs are the last thing anyone wants to have locked eyes on.

The High Command Gevs, which are lead by their leader and master Lord Vinheart and his daughter Vendetta.


Race: Vinabite
Class: Barbarian
Abilities: Intimidate, Endurance
Physical Traits:
Height: Varies 6ft – 9ft
Weight: Unknown
Eye color: Red with a yellow energy flow
Hair: N/A
Skin color and type: Lava red, Rough
Weapons: Multiple forms: Axe, Hammer, Spear, Giant flail, Mace

Female Justice Series

Book II, Female Justice has been completed and will be going through the final drafting stage next week!  I have decided that a lighter tone fits this series of books due to the grounded nature and characters that live in this world.  I was able to add the wonderful works of artist Amelia Vidal into the Darkworld Legends Universe.  I have been very blessed with two of the best artists I know.  They both understand my vision and I hope to keep them involved in this lifelong project of mine for some time to come.

These talented artists can be found…



More information coming soon!


Race (Twin)



Race is one of the twin daughters of Medusa. Just as beautiful as her sister, Anthenia, she too chooses the path of the goddess Gaia (Gaea). A gifted fighter in several different arts, dual blades, and dangerously accurate with a bow, the hand of Artemis can be seen in her ferocious style of combat. Race also has a friendly companion, Zip, a blue and white-tailed fox. That has been by her side since she was young. Reluctantly, she and Zip have grown close, and as Anthenia would tell her, are “Thick as Thieves.” Race is the more outspoken of the two. Witty, intelligent, and a dangerous fighter, she most likely would be more compared to her father if they knew exactly who he really was. Race is more attuned to her Gaze of Stone than Anthenia and will use whenever necessary. They both embrace this ability, but Race is more comfortable with the results. She also feels a slight bitterness toward their mother and will voice this loudly to Anthenia who is more forgiving. Race is not afraid to use that anger in combat, which does not end well for the enemy.

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Abilities: Stealth, Acrobatics, Gaze of Stone, Perception
Physical Traits:
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eye color: Green
Hair: Snakes Light colored orange and brown
Skin color and type: Dark brown
Weapons: Blades

Wavelength (Female Justice)

Anna-ColorFinal copy

Anna Plato, while in her young teens, had a fascination with science and the stars she could never reach. While sneaking onto the town’s first large barn telescope, she slipped and fell several feet. Surviving the accident, she was taken home and was forbidden to visit the lab again. The next night while she was sleeping, Anna was visited by an angel known only to her as the “Glowing Shadow.” It was during this visit that she was told the truth, she had died in the fall and was given a second chance at staying among the living. But in exchange for this, the shadow said she would return one day to ask for her assistance.
As she grew, she was visited regularly by the “Glowing Shadow” and was taught more about her ghostly abilities and the ever-growing darkness that she was to one day face. Anna found herself able to sense evil and was compelled to cleanse it from existence. This also put her down the path of trying to keep her faith. As she grew fearful that something was sinister was watching. Anna became close friends with Father Karras who has been like a father figure to her. She now stands vigilant over her city with her three best friends to protect those who cannot stand against the power of the darkness.

Race: Human
Class: N/A
Abilities: Intangibility, Death Touch, Climate Manipulation, Supernatural Senses, Kinesis, Sensory Sharing
Physical Traits:
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eye color: Hazel (Black when in ghost form)
Hair: Long/White with black streaks
Skin color and type: Pale
Weapons: N/A

Birthplace: Italy, France
Occupation: CEO, Engineering Structural Space Builders E.S.S.B. (5 yrs)

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