Haunted Mage

First shadow sketch of 2018!  Note, some of these will or will not be characters in the Darkworld Universe.  My goal is to get at least one done a day. These sketches help bring characters to visual objects that can be later used as I get better.


New shadow sketches

Nearing the new year, 2017 has been full of ups and downs.  With this, I have decided to do so small but needed changes to the Darkworld brand.  The largest one will be to include the format of shadow sketches to the site.  These shadow sketches will outline new characters we are working on in a dark yet visible outline.  With over 20 new characters coming into the fold, I needed a quick way to get them to the canvas.  I will have the first of these shadow sketches in the beginning of 2018!  The twins, Race and Antheia from an untitled Darkworld book will be first.  I am pretty excited for 2018 in what I hope is a groundbreaking year full of surprises!

Keep moving forward and explore your dreams!

Happy New Year!


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