Character Bio

Oakar Brimstone (Se’er & Keg)

Spidey - Oakar copy



Oakar Brimstone considers his days of adventures and such behind him as he now owns the famed Oakar Tavern in the small village of Firedale. What made him such a name in Firedale is that he built the Tavern all by himself. Made from brick, mortar, and wood, the building is stronger than any around, and Oakar would be more than happy to let anyone know this. Oakar though mainly reserved can actually be very talkative if he has something to say, which he does on just about everything. Pilgrims take heed to his words, for they always have some sort of insightful information warning them about the dangers they may endure on their travels. Due to the adventures he has had in his lifetime, his knowledge can be expansive in the surrounding areas and the creatures that live in them.

The Oakar Tavern is kept warm and cozy to travelers by Oakar and his adopted twins, Maeb and Christopher. The two only two reasons that he lives today. He still has the fire inside his heart for battle though. It often can be seen when he speaks passionately about subjects dealing in creatures he has defeated or days of the war. Oakar’s primary focus is to keep his patrons happy, so as long as they pay with good currency.

Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Abilities: Endurance, Intimidate, History
Physical Traits:
Height: 4′ 5″
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye color: Light Gray
Hair: Strawberry w/White Streaks
Skin color and type:
Weapons: Dwarf made cane *Aeolus-named after the god of winds* The hidden hammer only activates when he needs it. Commanding the winds, it is a formidable weapon.

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