Darkworld Birthright V3

I am working on a few sketches for book covers and some random artwork for characters I have created.  With four more coming up early 2019 (White Rhino Corps), I hope to get (Se’er and Keg) outlined by mid-2019.  Female Justice is getting pushed back to 2019 also with an early book release I hope.

Here’s to looking forward to a new year!

Keg sketch

Keg’s sketch is coming along pretty good.  I figure a few more days of work, the late night also, I can get this one completed.  I have never really been good at hair, (ironic) but this particular sketch is not bad.  I have to add his blades and backpack later.  The background is going to be the biggie to do.  Loving this tablet though, very responsive with plenty of space.

Keg 3

New Character sketch

Started on Keg’s profile sketch this weekend.  Trying to get a better feel for what his clothing will be like. The outer covering of his jacket is giving me the most issue.  It needs to fit the timeline and locale.  The underlining can be a bit less intrusive to the wrist guards.  I will have to view them on and off to verify first.



Shun the cheetah thief

Another new character sketch is back in the fold!  Shun is a thief who happens to be the best friend of Misery.  I need to get her bio drawn up shortly so that she can be added officially to the growning roster.  I hope to get her drawn up by the people way better than me soon!  More sketches to come.  Next week will be Villian Week were the goal is to get as many of the Villians of Darkworld sketched up and ready for prime-time!


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