New Designs

As of this week, the new page design process has started!  There will be some tweaks here and there, but this brighter design is a much needed change.  I hope to be adding some new drawings for Darkworld: Wrath of the Lich and Darkworld: Rhino Corps in the very near future!  I believe the character design for the Rhino Corps will look pretty damn good with the textures and colors that will be used to create their outfits and weapons.  The process for designing spaceships however has been a daunting one.  Yet I feel with a bit more time, it will all come together!

I do plan on doing a physical print release of one of the Short Stories as a test next month.  Getting the test covers designed, picking the colors, and choosing a vendor should be fun.  I will post the test designs and possibly have a quick vote on which is the best!  Let the people choose!

Again, I hope to have some kick ass drawings up within a week or so.  My artist is now working full time so it may take a bit longer than usual.

Here is to a productive Spring!!


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