Looking for Change

I have started the process of updating my site for 2017.  Nothing major, but I wanted to more infuse the site to match the theme of Darkworld.

What’s Up?  Tuesday March 22nd:

  • The short story Darkworld: Wrath of the Lich is currently in its’ final stages of completion.
  • I have been working on the characters for Darkworld: Rhino Corps.  Mainly, sketches and weapons design.  I should be posting sketches very soon!
  • Work on the full title of Darkworld: Female Justice should begin next month (April).  The first draft is complete and cover work has started to come together.
  • I am hoping to work with my artist to get the character drawing for Magma and Lodom before the end of the week.

With March just about in the books, its’ time to look at some new spring releases!

Stay tuned!



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