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Been really busy lately, working on character designs for the Darkworld Series.  A few have gone through minor changes, a couple, some pretty big ones.  Most of all, I have wanted to create some short stories, stories that did not have enough to stand on their own as a full book.  I mainly made the decision while working on the cover for Darkworld: Female Justice.  One of them will be posted as a free PDF before the end of the year and entered in a Short Story contest.  Haven’t really decided how to handle the others yet.  I am hoping to get an artist onboard with me to do some sketch work and concept art.  If all goes well, we should have the characters completed and assets done by next year.  If I can get some assistance with the characters, I hope to do an animated short in 2014.  Big goals, but they are reachable.  Here is a list of the short stories that are on the table.

*Titles are subject to change*

Darkworld: Training Grounds

Darkworld: ETA

Darkworld: Catacombs of the Minotaur

Darkworld: Town of the Dead


– Spidey

Female Justice

Editing has started on Darkworld Female Justice, Book II. I will probably work on Book I characters within a few weeks. Drawing out their busts is probably the easiest part. Putting them in 3D will be a tad bit tricky being that I have to draw both a full body front and side view. Once the whole character is done, I can just map the top bust and use those if needed. These first draft models will not have any materials on them as of yet. I will have at least two versions to post.

– Spidey

Darkworld: Female Justice

Starting to skim through the second book. Also working on a good setup/fit for me on the web page. Lot of work for something that is a hobby. That Wacom Mid tablet is looking very inviting. Might pick it up in a few weeks. Going through the characters, I am starting to make changes that at first, I felt were fine. But after some serious thought, going to change some of their outfits. One word…dated!

Darkworld Female Justice

Now that I have finished my first copy, I have started to work on book II, Female Justice. Staying with the story, it is in earth’s future that this takes place. Four females who are mutants, try their best to live a normal life with these abilities. The friendship is put to the test when a stranger comes to town and forces them to question “Are they alone.” Once back on earth, Dra’con begins to question even more the reason for his existence while pursuing the person trying to collect the artifacts.

The website should be live within a few weeks. I thought doing this would be like a hobby, but it has turned into something larger. Doing all the artwork for the books in Gimp and Blender 3D has saved me quite a bit. While working me a little bit more, but in the long run, I can put out exactly what I see.

Here is the link for the first Vol.


– Spidey


Darkworld Birthright is complete. It is now available on Amazon’s Kindle Store, man what a pain that was. Yet feels good to be done. Have to see how it does, the book will not list until Tuesday February 28th. Now with Lib’s help, we can get this website up pretty soon. Her sketches are to die for. I will probably post 3D character busts also if possible. Now to move on to vol. II I kinda dig doing my own book covers, this one took about 2 hours to do. I need to charge myself for doing this…myself.

Thank you all, see ya soon!!

– Spidey


Just finished Vol. I of the Darkworld Series. The book cover should be finished before the end of the week. I am starting to see the light! After that, the upload goes in to Amazon, and there is a 10 day grace period I believe before it is posted. All I need now is to come up with a good price and let the chips fall where they may…

Darkworld Book I problem

By doing some reading on my third book, I had to do some changes to the first title. Today looks like I will be doing some small corrections. Also looking into getting my website up and running.

Book Cover

Well, funny how things fall into place. I was working on a project, when I happened to be looking at a log of errors a server was giving, when…I saw it. My book cover was right there. Simplistic, clean, and pretty much a huge part of the story. I will actually begin work on it tonight, with a few sketches also. I wish everything was this easy!


Book Cover

This is kinda fun. Going to create three different book covers and will chose between the three of them. Working on a structure for the website also. This does take a bit of time from your day to day activities. I also figure that once it is done, it’s done. Probably won’t lead to much, but at least I got my dreams out there. Been a long time coming that is for sure…


– Spidey

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