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Darkworld Female Justice

Now that I have finished my first copy, I have started to work on book II, Female Justice. Staying with the story, it is in earth’s future that this takes place. Four females who are mutants, try their best to live a normal life with these abilities. The friendship is put to the test when a stranger comes to town and forces them to question “Are they alone.” Once back on earth, Dra’con begins to question even more the reason for his existence while pursuing the person trying to collect the artifacts.

The website should be live within a few weeks. I thought doing this would be like a hobby, but it has turned into something larger. Doing all the artwork for the books in Gimp and Blender 3D has saved me quite a bit. While working me a little bit more, but in the long run, I can put out exactly what I see.

Here is the link for the first Vol.


– Spidey

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