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Been really busy lately, working on character designs for the Darkworld Series.  A few have gone through minor changes, a couple, some pretty big ones.  Most of all, I have wanted to create some short stories, stories that did not have enough to stand on their own as a full book.  I mainly made the decision while working on the cover for Darkworld: Female Justice.  One of them will be posted as a free PDF before the end of the year and entered in a Short Story contest.  Haven’t really decided how to handle the others yet.  I am hoping to get an artist onboard with me to do some sketch work and concept art.  If all goes well, we should have the characters completed and assets done by next year.  If I can get some assistance with the characters, I hope to do an animated short in 2014.  Big goals, but they are reachable.  Here is a list of the short stories that are on the table.

*Titles are subject to change*

Darkworld: Training Grounds

Darkworld: ETA

Darkworld: Catacombs of the Minotaur

Darkworld: Town of the Dead


– Spidey

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