Wavelength (Female Justice)

Coming Soon

Anna Plato, while in her young teens, had a brush with death when she fell from telescope platform she was playing on. She somehow survived the accident, or that was what everyone thought. Anna had been brought back to the living by an unknown being known only to her as the “Glowing Shadow.” Ever since that day, she, the dead, has had the ability to cross the plane of the living at will. As she was able to force others to see her as a normal growing girl, she trained with the shadow to learn more about her ghostly abilities. While trying to keep her faith, she has become close friends with Father Karras. Who has been trying to keep her from slipping down into a darkness she may never return from.  Anna follows her faith and tries to help those in need and bring those with dark souls to justice.

Race: Human
Class: N/A
Abilities: Intangibility, Death Touch, Climate Manipulation, Supernatural Senses, Kinesis, Sensory Sharing
Physical Traits:
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eye color: Hazel (Black when in ghost form)
Hair: Long/White with black streaks
Skin color and type: Pale
Weapons: N/A


Birthplace: Italy, France
Occupation: CEO, Engineering Structural Space Builders E.S.S.B. (5 yrs)
The red broach in the center of her neck piece is something of a mystery.

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