Race (Twin)

Coming Soon

Race is one of the twin daughters of Medusa.  Just as beautiful as her sister, Anthenia, she too chooses the path of the goddess Gaia (Gaea).  A gifted fighter in several different arts, dual blades, and dangerously accurate with a bow, the hand of Artemis can be seen in her ferocious style of combat.  Race also has a friendly companion, Zip, a blue and white-tailed fox. That has been with her ever since she was young.  Reluctantly, she and Zip have grown close, and as Anthenia would tell her, Thick as Thieves.  Race is the more outspoken of the two.  She would also be more compared to her father if they knew exactly who he really was.  Race is more attuned to her gaze than Anthenia and will use it if felt necessary.  She feels a bitterness toward their mother and is not afraid to use that anger in battle.

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Abilities: Stealth, Acrobatics, Gaze of Stone, Perception
Physical Traits:
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eye color: Green
Hair: Snakes Light colored orange and brown
Skin color and type: Dark brown
Weapons: Blades

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