Female Justice draft complete

Working between two stories, I managed to get Darkworld: Female Justice draft completed.  It felt good to get this draft done due to it has been sitting in limbo for about 4 years.  I hope to add character drawings from Giby soon.  The book cover will be voted on by the community!  Stay posted for more information.

Other news:

Return of the Lich will be released before Justice due to the story line and the short story line up.

Darkworld: White Rhino Corps sketches have been started.  All four knights are a welcome addition to the Darkworld family!

Darkworld: Se’er and Keg story lines are being fleshed out.  These two characters are unique due to their strange dynamic.

Environmental drawings will also join the drawing line ups!

That’s all for now!  Keep dreaming!

– Keefe

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