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Mack copy


A smart and powerful warrior, Mack once saw Garum as his best friend. Two young warriors that worked together on the field of war. After an incident that took the life of Mack, Garum mourned for his fallen warrior friend.

Mack’s father, counselor Mobus could not overcome the sadness that swept through him after the loss of his only offspring. In this time of mourning, Mobus in his madness used dark magic to resurrect his dead son. The dark magic created a creature infused with the armaments he carried creating a robotic being. Mack now walks amongst the living as a living weapon controlled by his father. With this, Mobus went on the hunt for the one that he felt caused his son’s death, Garum.

The once warm and outgoing friend to Garum has now become a creature of destruction. Now cursed with a dark green metallic armor that keeps what was left of his body in a robotic shell, the man that was once Mack seems to have vanished into the darkness. He has now been given a new task, a new war to fight. One that his father Mobus has programmed into him. Servitude and vengeance. To hunt down and destroy the one that caused his death long ago. The one he knew as Garum and make him pay for what he has done.

Race: Stone-Elf
Class: Weapons Specialist
Abilities: Endurance, Intimidate
Physical Traits:
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eye color: N/A
Hair: N/A
Skin color and type: N/A
Weapons: Laser cannon, sniper cannon, mini laser rapid-fire cannon

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