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Krimson (Female Justice)


Krimson Watermark


Hollie Freeman has a high spirited and strong personality. She works her way through life on the bold notion that science is always the best way to solve a mystery. She was adopted by a scientist, Raymond Shepherd. Who took her into his life and raised the young child around scientific surroundings. So at a young age, she too took on the mantle “The Little Scientist” as she never left his side. This made the laboratory her second home.

In a strange turn of events, unknowingly Hollie had been contaminated by the nuclear splicing project called “Nomad” that Raymond and some other scientists were working on. She became immune to its effects. Or so they thought. Something in her makeup allowed her to the ability to absorb and manipulate nuclear energies at an astounding level. Soon, not only was able to absorb these energies, she was then able to release them from her hands at deadly levels. Dr. Raymond knew this would be dangerous for her and others around them and crafted two gold bracelets that would enable better control of the fusion coming from her body. Along with this ability, she also gained incredible strength and the technique to shift the air molecules around her giving her flight.

Once Hollie had grown older, she took on the persona of Krimson. Part of a powerful group of females known to assist the local authorities in solving crimes and protecting the town from threats large and small.

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Abilities: Endurance, Bluff
Physical Traits:
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 135lbs.
Eye color: Green *Dark Brown when in Krimson form*
Hair: Blonde *Dark Brown when in Krimson form*
Skin color and type: Fair
Weapons: N/A

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