Character Profiles


Draun Watermark

The Molanian’s are always born in groups of two.  One for light (Magic users), and the other for dark (Warriors).  Draun is the dark half of his brother Treb.  He is around the age of a teenager but with good hunting and fighting skills.  His retractable claws and teeth are his primary weapons.  His skin is a dark silky color, very smooth and tough.  With a long and lanky build, his clothing fits him tightly so that his chameleon-like abilities are not hindered.  His head is rather elongated with long dark dreadlock.  Still very young, he is learning that there is more too living than just being bred to be a killer.

Race: Molanian

Class: Barbarian

Abilities: Stealth, Perception, Intimidate, Endurance, Acrobatics

Physical Traits:

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 130 lbs.

Eye color: Black

Hair: None; Gray/white long dreadlocks like

Skin color and Type: Dark Gray, Silky

Weapons: Claws

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