Character Bio

Scheag, the Dark One


Scheag W watermark


This sly devious creature is the Lich loyal servant.  Scheag performs all of his sinister work from within the depths of the shadows, keeping away from prying eyes that may reveal him.  He maintains the mission objectives that are given to him by secretly collecting information, relaying enemy locations, and sabotaging any persons or items that hinder his goal.  A dark leery creature at heart, Scheag cowardly ways are evident in his attacks.  Never one to attack with frontal aggression, he will typically strike from behind while remaining hidden from view within the shadows.  Has the abilities to morph into a dark cloud enabling him to become intangible to escape harm.  If spotted, Scheag will do what he must in order to retreat into the darkness.


Race: Goblin

Class: Thief

Abilities: Stealth, Thievery

Physical Traits:

Height: 4’0

Weight: 113 .LBS

Eye color: Yellow

Hair: Dark

Skin color and Type: Purple, Rough

Weapons: Waved Poisoned Dagger

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