Character Profiles

Darkworld: Rhino Corps

I have started working on sketches for Giby this week on the Rhino Corps series.  All sketches are subject to change as usual.  These guys are covered in a medieval/futuristic armor.  But it also must be functional.  The character backgrounds are just about 80% complete.  Story highlights are pretty much done at this phase of the project.  Once the short story Darkworld: Wrath of the Lich is complete, I will have a bit more time to allocate to this one.

With artwork being done, I hope to have better visual representations of what each character looks like.  The weapons for Rhino Corps should be on paper within the next couple of weeks.  This world is a bit larger than I expected it would be, but that makes for better story telling right?


More to come soon!

Happy Memorial Day!


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