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Lich (Leela)

Lich 02



Leela was a once witty and kind hearted healer who’s love for Garum was going to last until the end of time.  They were with child, and that made her extremely happy.  A joy that was more powerful than any emotion she had ever felt.  That is until Mobus and the council deemed it not possible for them to have a child during birthing season.  The child was taken from her forcefully and she was left to die.  After her escape, she crossed paths with a Lamia who promised her the path to revenge.  A spell was cast upon her, a spell that would give her the ability to hunt those down who had destroyed her life.  But the overwhelming burning and insatiable desire to once again see the son was more than she could handle.  The sheer stress and pain of losing her son and her mate caused the spell to twist and mangle her soul.  Causing her to change into that which is called a Lich.  The Lich now searches for the one thing that drives her.  Her newborn son, Magma.


Race: Stone Elf

Class: Sorcerer

Abilities: Arcana, Heal

Physical Traits:

Height: 6′ 0″ *(5’9″)

Weight: 346 lbs. *(200 lbs.)

Eye Color: Purple *(Yellow/Black)

Hair: Dark/Long *(White/Gray)

Skin color and Type: Granite Gray *(Sand)

*In Lich Form

Weapons: N/A

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