Character Bio





Raine is a Tiefling who once lived peacefully with her friends and family before her home was raided by a group of mercenaries who captured and sold the young ones off as slaves.  Living most of her young childhood in the bowels of a rusty war beaten Carrier class vessel, Raine did what she need to do to survive.  After being abused and taken advantage of, she still carries a kind and caring heart.  Raine found out when she was younger that she had the ability to bend or open natural rifts in space creating temporary doorways to other places nearby.  A dangerous talent she was always afraid to use after transporting herself over a cliff and into a lake unscathed.  After this, she began using her time trying to forget about this “gift” and blacked out the dark times in her life by studying the art of healing.  Intelligent and strong-willed, Raine has lived a thousand lifetimes of grief and pain, yet one could not tell by her natural beauty and calm outer shell.  Recently, she and others were rescued from Garum’s enemy Mobus.  Who had been using her particularly for her unique gifts.  Now living on the Volleria, she has become more open and compassionate about those that she cares about.  Becoming close friends with Eeri has helped her heal the dark wounds of her past.


Race: Tiefling

Class: Rogue

Abilities: Heal, History, Perception

Physical Traits

Height: 5’11 Weight: 195

Eye color: Hazel

Hair: Dark/Long

Skin color and type: Cream Two tiny horns on forehead

Weapons: N/A

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