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Garum - Weapons Master w Sig


Garum has spent his entire adult life as an expert in weapons fabrication throughout the war and being a father to his young son, Magma. He has an expansive knowledge of weapon technology, an expert marksman, and his weapon construction skills are unparalleled. During the war on his home planet, Ketum, Garum unique set of skills were put to use in the killing of hundreds of thousands of warriors and even unknown to him, innocents. Garum has always been able to construct weapons out of just about anything that was placed before him. After the war, he and his son moved around due to the enemies he made during the war. He made do by the fulfillment of weapons contracts for profit. He still after many years, carries the burden of the innocent lives his weapons took and the sudden loss of his wife, Leela. An intimidating figure in his own right, he is more complex than he looks.


Race: Stone-Elf

Class: Machinist

Abilities: Endurance, Engineering, Intimidate

Physical Traits:

Height: 9′ 1″

Weight: 580 lbs.

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair: Black/Short, black goatee

Skin Color and Type: Granite Gray stone like, sand like

Weapons: Manite Laser Cannon, Manite Sniper Rifle, Phase Laser Pistol, Bombs Multi-Level, Other Misc. objects in backpack

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