Character Bio

Fryia the Sorceress

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Fryia is the head sorceress of the Mages Guild in Lynnhaven.  She is one of the most knowledgeable there is in the arts and leads her young teachers and students with a heart of gold.  Fryia, even though she is not the only sorcerer there, is the most visible of the all high elf teachers and scholars.  She walks the institution grounds and the town below Lynnhaven, always attentive to the people.  Never one to put their beliefs on others, their guild normally keeps their distance from the town and its’ people.  Fryia and Rynos trained together when they were young and their relationship has grown into a strong and steady romance.  While he travels the cosmos, she stays at the school to guide the new and upcoming mages.  Fryia excels in the power of light.  She is one of the more powerful sorceresses at the guild and is well versed in most levels of magic.  Those levels include the knowledge of light and dark.  In tune with nature, she is also adept with animal communication on most levels.


Race: High Elf

Class: Sorceress

Abilities: Diplomacy, Nature, Arcana

Physical Traits:

Height: 6′ 0″

Weight: 150 lbs.

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Hair: White/Long

Skin Color and Type: Tan

Weapons: Staff

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