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Darkworld: Catacombs of the Minotaur cover

Sorry for the absence as of late.  I have been working through a few bumps in the road and now that they have been smoothed, we are back in the swing of things.  The short story is pretty much completed, except for the cover work.  I have had difficulty trying to match up what I wanted to see as the cover.  Something that would explain in one picture what the story is about.  The art work has started and looks great!  It lets the viewer see the mood of the title before even reading the first few lines.  I will start doing a step by step of the creation of my titles and the long road of beginning to end processes.  Again, the short stories will be free to download and are available on this website.  Until next time…


Darkworld: Catacombs of the Minotaur VII Artwork by Giby

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