Character Bio


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The cobblestoned streets of Hanbol can be a very unwelcome and dangerous place for a young girl to grow up on.  Tenia has managed to survive in a hostile environment, becoming a gentle yet strong-willed young girl.  Her stubbornness tends to get her into trouble at times. She has learned to excel in the art of stealth and was taught by a local merchant the art of persuasion.  And if this did not work to her advantage, she is a very good thief.  Her ability to control small amounts of electrical currents has come into use on several occasions.  Saving her bacon more than once.  Tenia is able to use it as a defensive weapon or to lighten the air around her so that she is able to fly.


Race: Humanoid

Class: Ranger

Abilities: Thievery, Athletics, Streetwise, Stealth, Engineering

Physical Traits:

Height: 4′ 3″

Weight: 105 lbs.

Eye Color: Green

Hair: Brown/Short

Skin Color and Type: Tan

Weapons: N/A

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