Character Bio


Dra'con w WaterMark


A dark elf hybrid and a deadly bounty hunter, Dra’con is trying to leave his tainted past behind him.  After decades of hunting anyone with a bounty on them, he decided to suddenly stop and move away from it all.  Dra’con through years of training has become a great warrior that has gained respect from those that know of him.  He is a fierce tactician and a knowledgeable scientist.  Incredibly quick and deceiving strong, he has unique abilities that allow him to use electrical energy as a weapon.  Excelling in hand to hand combat and sword play, Dra’con does not remove his sword unless he is ready for the kill as a rule.  His body is cover by a living creature that he deems The Axis.  By the way it responds to danger, he feels that it detects his emotions.  When in battle mode, it seems to cover his face as if to protect him or itself.  The captain of the space ship Volleria, Dra’con travels the galaxy with his close friend Boks and Rynos sometimes running across those in need.


Race: Dark-Elf

Class: Fighter

Abilities: Intelligence, Athletics, Dexterity, Strength, Stealth, Endurance, Insight

Physical Traits:

Height: 6′ 3”

Weight: 262 lbs.

Eye Color: White/Gray with visible pupils

Hair: Long (White/Silver), usually pulled back behind the head

Skin Color and Type: Blue/Grayish

*Small or tiny bone like spur extrusions along lower jaw bone. Three on each side

Weapons: Sword (The Heart of Dragons)

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